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This blog is dedicated to any creative writing that pop into my head. I've already posted several poems and lyrics on my regular blog but I'm going to start posting them here now! (: I'll be writing short stories, story ideas, mini-screenplays, and maybe even the dreams I have - if I remember them! Enjoy!

Bittersweet Dreams


The sun shines over a rose garden, filled with red, white, and pink roses, amongst other colorful flowers.  Arches fill the room covered in green vines and red roses.  Petals float with the breeze which carries them through VIOLET’s hair.

Violet stands underneath an arch looking off in the distance, hand behind her ear holding her hair, sun dress blooming as it dances with the wind.


ZAYN, who comes around the corner out of breath.  He looks around then sees her.  Smiles and walks towards her.

Violet senses Zayn’s presence and turns to him and greets his smile back.

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1 year ago


Early to bed, early to rise
So no one hears the tears she cries.

2 years ago


It’s not easy…trying not to care

Trying not to imagine your face when it isn’t there

Replaying every second of every moment in my head

Remembering how alone I am in this bed

Words were thrown like cannons, each blow hurt

But nothing hurts more than having your shirt

It’s like a part of you is still with me even though you’re not here

The road we walked was so foggy but now it’s so clear

I know all of the wrongs I’ve done and I pay for them every day

But losing you could be the ultimate price I have to pay

Even though I still love you and want you back in my life

I can’t be that selfish cause it wouldn’t be right

I can hope for the best and hope for clean slates

But I also have to remember it might be too late

If your being happy means I can’t be a part of you anymore…

I’ll have to bite my tongue and stay strong as I head for the door

2 years ago

Writing in the Stars

I knew it’d never be real but I think my heart was secretly hoping so

There are questions I’d like to ask and things I want to know

The way we talked got my mind thinking

Are you a secret that’s worth keeping?

Every word made me feel warm inside

The smallest details shared made me smile wide

You believe in designs by the stars and made me start to believe too

You told me that I’m the birthday soul mate for you

Stories about how she was crazy and your revelation to stop running back

Stories of how trust was something you need and what she lacked

You said you wanted to be bad and not commit to anything

And how engagements aren’t meant to be fucked with the return of the ring

But now you did what you said you wouldn’t do

Falling back into the same old thing after she begged you to

I don’t know why, but it causes cringes beneath me

Is it because I think you’re weak or if I think about you differently?

Two years passed since we’ve seen each other and I’ve been wanting to see you

Even though you’ve done nothing notable for me, I still think about you

You’ve crossed wires in my head – I don’t know what to feel

We both knew nothing would happen, fantasy never became real

I can’t be happy for a day without you indirectly interfering

I keep trying to forget about you but somehow you still reel me in

If I just see your picture, it makes my stomach dance

And when I think about the writing in the stars as you do, I’m in a trance

What’s wrong with me?  What have you done to me?

You don’t even know how you’re affecting me

He’s been doing all the right things yet I’m yearning for your attention

And I continue putting distance between us for his own protection

2 years ago



She walks into the mall.  Looks left and right.

He walks down the mall.  Checks his phone.  Nothing.

She continues into the mall.

He keeps walking.  He turns to his left.  Smiles.

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2 years ago

From summer 2011


VIOLET walks into the room as everyone leaves.  She glances at the passing faces.  She spots COLLIN.  Her eyes study his composure: well-dressed, clean cut, confident almost cocky.  LILLY and SEAN sit in vacant chairs to watch Violet work her magic.

Before Violet approaches Collin, he glances at her.  Stunned.

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2 years ago



ROBIN drives up to her boyfriend’s house.  Her eyes glisten in anticipation to see her beloved dogs.  She pulls into the driveway.  Gets out.  Slams the door shut.  Clicks the car keys and the car locks itself with a jingle.  She walks up the steps.  Jiggles the door knob.  The door opens.


She peers inside the house  BARK! BARK! BARK!

ROBIN: Hi babies!

The barking grows more ferocious.  The dogs begin to growl.  Robin takes a step back.

LAUREN (o.s.): Here doggies!

The dogs race back to LAUREN who appears from the staircase.

LAUREN: Oh. It’s you.

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2 years ago